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David Haynes as Godzilla in Tom Moran's "The Big Guy."

Keeping the "play" in playwriting


The stage is a fantastic place to explore the questions we seldom think to ask. Why does Godzilla split his time between killing humans and saving them? What would you do if you ran over a griffin with your pickup? What if Tim Tebow's backup quarterback had been a resolute atheist? What is Pac-Man up to these days?


My plays take a far-fetched premise and run it out to an inevitable and satisfying conclusion, supplying plenty of laughs along the way.


All of my one-act and ten-minute plays are available royalty-free; I only ask that you contact me for permission. If you're interested in a full-length, also contact me and we can discuss royalties. You can also find me on the National New Play Exchange.

David Haynes in "The Big Guy," Anchorage, Alaska.

(Tom) has a gift for high-concept comedy, and has written many clever short plays that are as strong as what I see from playwrights nationally.

Dawson Moore, Director, Valdez Theatre Conference


Tom’s work is always thought-provoking, insightful, and hilarious when he aims for humor. He’s brilliant at bringing new dramatic insight to current social phenomena without sacrificing entertainment value.

Anne Hanley, former Alaska Writer Laureate

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