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These are the (only) plays on this site for which I require royalties. Email me to discuss.

Poster of the Yukon River

Trapper Joe Warren has eked out a living on the Yukon River for years thanks to his daughter. But the arrival of an unexpected visitor anxious to live off the land throws their careful life into turmoil and forces them to confront their past failings. Semifinalist for the O'Neill Conference.


Drama, 2 hours, 4 males, 3 females


A football with a halo
God on Our Side

Brady Hobbs is a resolute atheist and a starting NFL quarterback – until he’s injured, and his fundamentalist backup reels off a string of improbable victories. Now he’s determined to get his job back and show the world that talent, not faith, is what wins the ballgame.


Comedy, 2 hours, 9 males, 1 female



Astronomer Jillian Carter has had a rough couple of years: first her husband ran off with an undergrad, and then she struck out again and again trying to fund her research. That all seems to change when a distinguished scientist offers her a generous grant, but as her funders’ requirements grow more and more objectionable, Jillian realizes she’s getting sucked into the world of climate change denial. 


Comedy, 2 hours, 2 males, 3 females


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