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First base, and second base (or I'm in the Army Now)

Updated: May 2, 2023

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On April 17, I received an email entitled "TA#19-066 BREAKOUT." The body of the email was:

"Mr. Moran, Attached you will find a DA 3238 form for: BREAKOUT. Please fill out Part C of page 2 of the DA 3238 and return to me at 210-466-2021 for further processing at US Army Entertainment. Or please scan and email it back to (email.) Please note the producing installation's request for materials listed in Part A, block 8a, for delivery to the address listed in Part A, block 2 on or before the date listed in Part A, block 8c." My natural response was, what the hell is this? Fortunately there was, as noted, a PDF attached, and after staring at it for about 5 minutes I was finally able to deduce that the Army wanted to produce my short play "Breakout" as part of an evening of plays at a military base in Germany. Why they couldn't have included a simple explanatory sentence like that in the actual email, lord only knows.

Breakout, a 10-minute piece, has been produced a couple of times and was also published by Smith and Kraus, so it's unclear to me where they found the script: the published anthology, this website, or my NPX page. But, you know, whatever. Also unclear from the email or form was whether they intended to give me any royalties for the show. So I emailed them and asked, at which point they informed them I could charge whatever I thought was fair.

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